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About Zoé

Hello my name is Zoé Wild. I'm the founder of 'Of the Willow'.


I'm a Medical Herbalist, Doula and Mother to two Sons. 

I qualified from Lincoln University in 2017. My degree training involved the study of anatomy, biochemistry, pharmacology, clinical diagnosis, pathology, physiology, nutrition and clinical training. My clinical training involved 500 hours, in which I conducted consultations under the supervision of clinical tutors (experienced herbalists).

To achieve my degree I needed to demonstrate to a medical doctor and a herbalist that I could diagnose illnesses, perform clinical examinations, create a prescription protocol, and use herbal medicines both effectively and safely.

Once qualified, I joined the National Institute of Medical Herbalists and have been a member since.


Prior to starting my degree, I chose a career in Education, from birth to 12 years. Over the course of this employment I came to specialise in supporting children with autism, through mainstream school. My passion has always been to support women through pregnancy and the postnatal period and so I trained as a Doula while completing my third year of uni. I was blessed to be able to complete my 3rd year work experience on a high risk ward at the Royal Hampshire County Hospital, where I got to support & witness a range of births, including several elective caesareans. Since qualifying I have worked with many patients, treating a range of conditions, as well as creating my own line of products which I sell online and at local markets.


I also provide medical assistance and education at festivals, during the summer months. I completed a Level 3 Certificate in First Response Emergency Care - FREC3, providing conventional & herbal first aid. I also run workshops, give talks and guide herb walks.

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