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Calming Drops ~ Organic

Calming Drops ~ Organic


Calming Drops. 50ml


Made with Rose syrup as the base ingredient, then tinctures of Motherwort, Passion flower & Linden blossom are added in.

Rose has been called the 'embrace of a mother', a 'hug in a bottle'.

The flowers are uplifting and calming. Rose invites true therapy of the soul. She is such a potent flower, that her soothing, comforting, elegant medicine is also aroused through scent. She's deeply nurturing and love promoting.

The tinctures are added in to nourish the nervous system, calm nervous anxiety & tend to emotional heartache.


Directions: Take half a pipette as required.


Ingredients: Filtered water, Organic fairtrade sugar, Organic Rose petals. Tinctures: 1:3 25% Leonurus 1:3 25% Passiflora 1:3 25% Tilia .


Once opened use within 12 months.

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