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Smokers Delight

Smokers Delight


Natural smoking blend. Organic & nicotine free. 30g.


For those that enjoy to occasionally smoke, but don't want the ill effects of smoking tobacco. It can also be helpful to use herbal smoking blends when you are lessening your dependence on tobacco, helping you to kick that habit. Smoke has taste and texture, and can resonate with us at a deep emotional and physical level. These blends have been carefully selected to engage the smoker with the energy of the plants.

Each with a base of Marshmallow leaf to add that light & fluffy texture and also for it's supportive role in lung health. I have also added Blackberry leaf to each, to give it 'body' ~Tobacco smoke has a certain heaviness and smoothness to it that is sometimes missing in herbal mixtures. Blackberry leaf can create this, due to it's astringent properties.


Contains Damiana which is an aphrodisiac...a sexual tonic. Used to increase sexual desire & orgasmic potential and enhance sensation. This herb also works on the nervous system, used to reduce anxiety & racing thoughts. A great herb for opening the sacral chakra.


Ingredients: Marshmallow, Raspberry leaf, Blackberry leaf, Damiama, Hemp.


Smoking anything is not a healthy practice in the long term. So please respect the herb, be mindful & keep it for sacred ceremony. NOT for under 18's

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