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Vaginal steam herbs

Vaginal steam herbs


Matrecsence Steam herbs


Vaginal steam herbs to assist with postpartum recovery, healing the yoni, vagina & womb.

Vaginal steaming has been proven to have a positive impact on many of the indicators of postpartum recovery, particularly in the areas of lowering blood pressure, uterine restoration, initiating and expediting weight and waist loss, labia healing, the quicker cessation of uterine bleeding, alleviating suture discomfort, promoting bowel regularity and haemorrhoid reduction.


Directions: Use 3 tbsp of dried herb per steam session. Place dried herbs into a pan of hot water and simmer, covered, for 10 minutes. Allow water to cool slightly & ensure distance is great enough to avoid scalding. Sit wrapped, naked from the waist down, over the herbs for 15-20 minutes. As a guide, vaginal steaming can be started the day after birth. Get confirmation from your birth assistant that the uterine blood vessels are closed, and it is safe to initiate steaming.


Ingredients: organic Lady’s mantle, organic Calendula, organic Rose, organic Red clover, organic Mugwort, organic Lavender, organic Yarrow.


Once opened use within 12 months.


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